Patient Participation Group

The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

Our Patients Participation Group (PPG) is a group of patients registered with Northway surgery who take an active interest in healthcare matters.

The PPG has a formal Constitution which outlines the group’s Aims, Values, Committee Structure, Membership, and such like. In summary, the group members have agreed that:

The aim of Northway PPG is to promote and support the practice and provide a voice for patients by:

  • Regularly communicating with the wider patient group to keep them informed and to hear their feedback
  • Supporting the GP practice to encourage take-up of services that will help to make the practice run well
  • Providing useful information and contacts to promote good health and well-being

The PPG meets with representatives from the Practice approximately every two months, usually on Monday afternoons. Discussion focuses on the services available, how improvements can be made for the benefit of both patients and practice and provide a patient perspective on how the Practice works. It aims to voice patients’ views, increase patients’ awareness of health-related issues, help bridge communication between patients and the surgery and to be a critical friend to the practice. The PPG welcomes new members and if you would like to join please register by clicking on “Join our Patient Participation Group” in the image above. If you wish to raise an issue through the group, please contact the Chair of the PPG, presently Anne Whitham, by leaving a message at reception to ask her to telephone you.

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